Product Overview

  • Your furnace is the most important appliance in the house. It needs to be in working order to keep you warm when you need it!
  • ECO Technology furnaces are 96%+ high-efficient furnace compared with older furnaces that are 50-65% efficient
  • ECO Technology technicians complete detailed home assessments to select the best size and brand of furnace for your home.

Why Upgrade your furnace?

  • A furnace draws in cold-air from outside, heats it up, and circulates the now warm air into your house
  • If your house is over 20-years old (or older), your furnace likely only a mid-efficient model and in need of replacement
  • Older, mid-efficient furnaces operate at about 50-65% the efficiency of newer, high-efficiency units because the new units recycle and clean the exhaust air allowing only 3-4 % of the warm air to be wasted
  • A mid-efficient furnace means you are likely paying 40-50% more for your energy bills


  • 10 Years’Parts, Labor and Warranty.
  • NSF Approved and Energy Star Efficient Equipment and Products.
  • Trusted, Certified, Licensed, Insured and Bonded Installers.
  • Convenient Customer Service and Support.
  • Rebates offered to home owners who qualify, to help you!
  • We Cover Installation Costs to save you money!